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Esperanza Tielbaard is a multidisciplinary artist whose work includes acrylics, water-based media on yupo paper, multi-media installations, murals, mosaics, stained glass, the curation of galleries and fashion shows. The artist’s decades of international travel, time spent in nature, and her appreciation of Abstract Expressionists inspire her past and present work. Tielbaard’s artwork is a celebration of freedom, colour, movement, and the energy she experiences when in natural environments. Her compositions invite the observer to analyze colour and reformulate lines. Esperanza Tielbaard’s work is reminiscent of Kokoschka's classical style, eliciting the active participation of viewers to discover for themselves, the images on the canvas. The viewer is also engaged by the artwork’s size, which encourages exploration of every inch, guided solely by one’s own imagination. Esperanza Tielbaard’s work is a continuous metamorphosis of images that evolve in each piece.

Throughout her career Esperanza has exhibited throughout the Americas and Europe including prestigious international exhibits in the UK, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Italy, Serbia, and Mexico, and France. The artist’s highlights include a solo show at the Colombian Consulate in Manhattan, NY, for a convening of Colombian dignitaries and 32 of its mayors. Beginning in 2013 Tielbaard expanded her work to include the curation of space and galleries for fashion producers. Tielbaard has been recognized in Colombia for her leadership on multiple community-driven public art projects and for her facilitation in the production of public murals and mosaics. In 2020 Esperanza Tielbaard received recognition from the state of New Jersey for her contributions to Newark's New Jersey’s Arts Expo, including her exhibit, workshops, and role in the Expo’s domestic violence vigil. Throughout her career, Tielbaard has continued to engage communities in art through projects, including the teaching of numerous workshops and classes. Tielbaard received the Memorial Prize at the Associated Artists of Central NY members show. Additionally, her series” Through These Eyes, Landscape” was awarded 1st Place in the abstract category at the 2022 Biennial international exhibit of Contemporary Art in Cali, Colombia.



- Artca 

- New Jersey Artist Collective

- FMGC Federacion Mundial de.Gestores Culturales

- Expolatina de Arte de Colombia. Arte sin fronteras

- Fundacion Maclan. Museum de Arte contemporaneo



- NJ artist collective, NJ, 2018-2022

- Open Figure Drawing Group, Syracuse, NY, 2007-2012

- North Syracuse Art Guild, Syracuse, NY, 2011

- Associated Artists of Central NY, 2011

- North Syracuse Art Guild, Syracuse, NY, 2007 



Esperanza Tielbaard attended the Conservatory Antonio Maria Valencia of Fine Arts in Cali, Colombia and was further mentored in the use of oils, acrylics and watercolors in Colombia and Holland. Continuing education has been an ongoing practice for Esperanza Tielbaard, and she regularly attends workshops to further develop her use of technique, products, and their application.

Esperanza Tielbaard’s artwork is for sale directly through the artist and her representatives, with collections shown exclusively through these private channels. Esperanza currently resides in her riverside home in Upstate NY, a location chosen for its natural beauty and ability to inspire Esperanza’s creative spirit. She splits time between her studios in Upstate NY and her hometown in Colombia, South America.

A little bit more about myself

As an artist, I also have my hobbies and one of them that I really enjoy is recollecting dolls from around the world so that I can have with me a little part of different cultures with me and teach my students the vast variety customs around the world

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