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Syracuse Fashion Weekend - Most Museum
Curated by Esperanza Tielbaard

The Fine Art of Esperanza Tielbaard Pazmiño

Haute couture fashion has always found an easy partnership with Fine Art. The expression of the creator and the standard of craftsmanship are executed similarly with the only difference being the medium on which the art is worked. Although it is the raison d’être of Moda Week International to promote fashion we also believe strongly in showcasing the best luxury craftspeople from across the globe and this includes artists such as Esperanza Tielbaard Pazmiño.

Esperanza is a multi-disciplinary Colombian fine artist living in Baldwinsville, NY. She uses many modern materials as well as metallic acrylic paints to create her works. Vibrant golds produce fascinating contemporary visuals while also symbolizing the native peoples of Colombia’s past. She attended the Conservatorio Antonio Maria Valencia of Fine Arts in Cali, Colombia, and recently won the Memorial Prize as part of the Associated Artists of Central NY members show 2011 and 2012. She has exhibited throughout the Americas and in the UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy. In 2014 her works featured in Commensalis: The Body, a contemporary group show which formed part of Fringe Arts Bath festival in Bath, UK.

Esperanza also has extensive curatorial experience including several shows for international artists both in New Jersey and New York. She regularly collaborates with artists globally and her resume features numerous exhibitions in UK and USA. Recent solo shows include the Consulado Colombiano in Manhattan and Central Library Syracuse NY. Inspiration for her work comes from the rich geography of her home country and evokes the mysteries of Colombia and the ever-changing beauty of the landscape. She specializes in creating figurative, landscape, and contemporary abstracts and it comes as no surprise that her paintings are fueled by a passion for the natural world and its abundances. The flow and rhythms of her dynamic pieces are mesmerizing and magnificent both in scale and in detail. Esperanza uses soft strokes in mixed oils blended with other media to create sweeping and delicate transitions across the canvas. Animated lines shift and evolve to playfully guide and provoke the viewer’s imagination.

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