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This collection uses modern materials such as yupo paper, water-based media, and acrylic paints applied in dynamic and vibrant colors to produce captivating abstract expressionist art that engages the viewer’s own imagination. The artwork’s size invites exploration of every inch, guided solely by the viewer’s imagination, and in it, observers will find something new in each viewing. Esperanza, through the free-flowing use of dripping, spatula, and scraping unleashes her subconscious mind into her work, then further refines the application of her style and aesthetic. The series, “Through These Eyes, Landscape”, possesses free movements, conveying confidence and energy.  This series is an expansion of the artist’s body of work inspired by both The Hudson School and the Abstract Expressionists NY School. In the “Series of Flowers”, Esperanza’s use of color and metallic paints makes the process of discovery playful and provides a less common vision of her work.  Tielbaard’s work is a permanent metamorphosis of images that are constantly evolving in each piece.


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