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Esperanza Tielbaard Pazmiño Solo Exhibition

Esperanza Tielbaard Pazmiño , who lives in Baldwinsville, NY, is a multi-disciplinary fine artist. Ms. Tielbaard uses many modern materials as well as metallic acrylic paints to create her works. Vibrant golds produce fascinating contemporary visuals while also symbolizing the Indian nations of Colombia’s past. Ms. Tielbaard attended the Conservatorio Antonio Maria Valencia of Fine Arts in Cali, Colombia. She recently won the Memorial Prize as part of the Associated Artists of Central NY members shows 2011 and 2012. The artist has exhibited throughout the Americas and in the UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Ms. Tielbaard’s work has been published on several occasions. Inspiration for her work comes from the rich geography of her home country and evoke the mysteries of Colombia’s and the ever-changing beauty of the landscape. Her paintings are fueled by a passion for the natural world and its abundance. 

Her paintings have been featured in several local exhibits since 2009. The most recent was reviewed by the Post-Standard on June 23, 2013. According to that review, “These paintings are loaded with imagery; layers of paint and pattern that exude energy and movement...These are luminous and lusciously painted pieces that stand firmly on the traditions of the Abstract Expressionists while finding inspiration in the natural world.”

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