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In an initiative led by the passionate architect Sandra Freiye in April 2015, the community of Comuna 1 in Cali came together to participate in an extraordinary event: Terrón Coloreado. This project, which has evolved into an innovative citizen platform, has been transforming the urban landscape and uniting the community through art and color.

Terrón Coloreado, conceived as a way to beautify the community through creativity and collaboration, has achieved its latest artistic feat: a community mural illustrating the true essence and diversity of Comuna 1. This mural is not only a visually stunning work of art but also a testament to the collaboration and unity of the community.

With invaluable collaboration from the local police and thanks to generous donations of paints and materials, this project became a reality. The dedicated artist Esperanza Tielbaard, along with five enthusiastic volunteers, channeled their creativity and skills to breathe life into this unique mural. The artwork captures the rich history and culture of Comuna 1, reflecting the community's unique identity in every stroke.

Sandra Freiye, the driving force behind Terrón Coloreado, expressed her gratitude to the community and collaborators: "This project is not just a mural; it's a manifestation of the power of teamwork and community creativity. I am incredibly thankful for the passion and effort of every person involved. Terrón Coloreado has not only transformed the walls of our community but also our hearts."

The mural represents a significant step forward for Comuna 1 and stands as a testament to the power of art and collaboration in creating a vibrant and enriching urban environment. Terrón Coloreado continues to inspire communities throughout Cali and beyond, proving that together, we can transform our surroundings and create a more colorful and united future.

About Terrón Coloreado:

Terrón Coloreado is a citizen platform based in Comuna 1 of Cali, dedicated to beautifying the community through art and color. Founded by Sandra Freiye in April 2015, Terrón Coloreado has organized a series of creative projects and community events to transform the urban landscape and foster a sense of community and pride in Comuna 1. With the support of the local police and generous donations, Terrón Coloreado continues to inspire people through the power of art and collaboration.


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